Thursday, September 17, 2009

Harmonium anyone?

Okay todays the day. I am going to do it. My own personal mid life crisis is in full swing. Read the rules, agree to them make an audition tape. How hard can it be. It is all my Mother's fault after all.

Growing up in a house with the same curtains for 40 years in a lovely shade of avocado green I might ad.
Not a comfortable chair or couch in sight or even one built in the same century we lived in. Ok, maybe that is an exaggeration there may have have been one or two pieces that were only 50 - 70 years old.

Dragged to flea markets every weekend three days in a row. Is it any wonder that anything and everything I like is usually not typical.  I love old weathered combined with stainless steel. Or just old and never shiny finishes on wood. Most pieces I have either made..I am an iron junkie with gates, tables and beds or come from combining found items with new.

The furniture in my parents house is in the same place it was 40 yplus ears ago unless I moved it. This is why my own funriture can't be in the same place for more than 30 seconds. I suffer from attention deficit disorder for furniture placement. It's a good thing I have muscle moving this stuff is work. I do love soul which most of my pieces have and I hang onto them forever they just might not be in the places you expect them to be.

Even are family vacations were like visits to museums. My grandparents house did not have a telephone or Tv and I am talking about 1980. Furniture pieces there were really old ( made my parents house look like a swingers contemporary pad though we didn't have cable) and I am blessed to be there keeper for the next generation. My family lived in the same town same house since 1830's same furniture. This is why at my house there is a harmonium in the kitchen....go figure.