Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Moments of Grey

Lately I have been dreaming of grey rooms which room shall I change to grey

Grey nights

nicholas haslam via cotedetexas by coco+kelley.
.                           Serene but still has unexpected details....
                tri color stripe skirted tables and
             contemporary floral headboard and curtains

                         Grey Mornings

skona hem dining room by coco+kelley.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kitchens are like spouses

Contemplating the look of my kitchen to be.....

Remember how you wrote your first name followed by the last name of the boy you loved. Just to make sure it all flowed together.

Here I sit pasting images together to determine how I want my kitchen to feel and look. How the new components wiill flow with old. This kitchen will be with me a long time much like a spouse. I need to chose my qualities carefully.

I was thrust into this redux not by choice but by the fraility of a computer in my oven.

During my search for inspiration I came across the most beutiful Belgian kitchens on Belgian Pearls a blog by Greet Lefe'vre a fourth generation cabinetmaker. The textures and colors are amazing combined with the use of steel.

Rich and simple linen

                                                                     Iron and glass doors

Or maybe cabinets doors resembling windows...

Simple and authentic handmade tiles with quirky details

Which is your favorite?